Gospel Groove Workshop

We will be holding our next 'Gospel Groove' Workshop on Saturday 25th November 2017 between 10am & 4pm.

Don't miss our next workshop on November 25. It's a fun a day of singing and learning, with Steve Clarke (our musical director). Steve will teach some four-part gospel arrangements, while Adjunct Professor Ladd Wheeler sheds some light on the history of gospel music (from the slavery period, to the civil rights movement, and beyond). Venue is the community hall at Wayside Chapel, Potts Point (a short walk from Kings Cross station). Total cost for the day is $95, and this includes afternoon tea, a copy of the Honeybees' CD, 'Milk & Honey', and a ticket to The Honeybees Summer Concert - with the option to join us on stage to perform some songs from the day.



Here's a link to a clip of our last workshop attendees singing Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika.

These workshops have been very well received in the past with great reviews like :

"Thankyou for a wonderful day! I loved everything about it. The historical content was relevant and the singing was perfect! I felt so fulfilled when I went home ... The Honeybees performances were great ... very inspiring.”

"What a pleasure experiencing a workshop day with members from the HB. I really enjoyed myself. Songs, movement and historical information were great. I went away feeling very uplifted." 

"Thanks for a fabulous workshop. It was so enjoyable and so well put together. thanks for the fantastic history on gospel singing, the wonderful friendliness of the choir - we were made to feel so included and offered so much help. Thanks to our choir master for a very fun experience.“


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