by Suzan Piper

OK, so it's not how The Honeybees got our name, but it's a good story nonetheless.

'The Mosquitoes', a rock & roll band from the 60's resembling The Beatles, visits Gilligan's Island to get away from their adoring fans. (Little did they know that Gilligan was their biggest fan). The group arrives on the island, notices the seven castaways and decides to stay at the island a while for relaxation. In an attempt to make the band take the castaways with them when the leave the island at the end of their stay, the girls perform a show hoping to be the new opening act for 'The Mosquitoes'. They perform as 'The Honeybees'. 'The Mosquitoes' like 'The Honeybees' too much and don't want any competition, so they leave the castaways behind.

'You Need Us' as sung by the Honeybees (Ginger Grant, Lovey Howell, & Mary Ann Summers)

All Three:
You need us, you need us.
Like a clam needs a shell.
Like a prisoner needs a cell.
Like a dingdong needs a bell.
You need us.

You need me, you need me.
Like a picture needs a star.
Like a golfer needs a par.
Like a teenager needs a car.
You need me.

Mary Ann:
You need me, you need me.
Like a baby needs a toy.
Like a wire needs a buoy.
Like a girl needs a boy.
You need me.

You need me, you need me.
Like a diamond needs a ring.
Like a harp needs a string.
Like a queen needs a king.
You need me.

All Three:
You need us, you need us.
Like a bee needs a buzz.
Like a peach needs its fuzz.
So that's why you need us.

From 'The Swarm is Passing Over', a farewell to Tony Backhouse, edited by Suzan Piper.