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The Honeybees CD - Milk and Honey  is available for purchase.  Released in September 2016, it is a great mix of studio recordings and live performances including songs such as Trouble of this World, Gotta Serve Somebody and Peace in the Valley to name a few.  To hear some of the tracks,  please click here.

Full Track list:
1     Trouble of this World  (Trad. Arr. Steve Clarke, after Mahalia Jackson)
2     Gotta Serve Somebody  (Bob Dylan. Arr. Steve Clarke)
3     Shed a Little Light  (James Taylor. Arr. Steve Clarke)
4     Peace in the Valley  (Thomas A. Dorsey. Arr. Fiona Lamb)
5     Glory Manger  (K. Lee Scott. Arr. Tony Backhouse)
6     I Want to Be Ready (Trad. Arr. Tony Backhouse, after Rory Block)
7     Shine On  (Tony Backhouse)
8     Meet Me in the Middle of the Air  (Paul Kelly. Arr. Stuart Davis)
9     I Am Ready  (Rachel Parton Dennison. Arr. Fiona Lamb)
10   How I Got Over  (Clara Ward. Arr. Tony Backhouse, after The Fairfield Four)
11   Jesus Gonna Be Here  (Tom Waits. Arr. Steve Clarke)
Tracks 1-5 recorded at Studios 301, Alexandria. Tracks 6-11 recorded during a performance at St John’s Church Darlinghurst. Mastered at Studios 301.

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